When we are practising to drive, many instructors state the importance of checking your tyre conditions regularly as it’s so important but, when was the last time you checked your tyres?  Many people forget the importance of having road-worthy tyres which results in the task of getting a tyre change pushed to the bottom of … Read more

A Comprehensive Tyre Speed Rating Guide Road safety is always at the forefront of every driver. Whether you’re a daily commuter to work, just using your car for a school run or are a delivery driver, who needs to ensure that their vehicle is completely functional, tyres are a core element of the safety checks … Read more

Replacing your tyres can be a very confusing time for a consumer. With hundreds of different options out there on the market and costs ranging anywhere between £60 – £150 per tyre, it’s hard to know what you’re exactly paying for and what option is best for you.  We’ve decided to create the ultimate buying … Read more

Let’s face it, the world is full of potholes. From tiny craters to huge caverns, no road is immune. Unpredictable road conditions are a fact of life for all drivers. Unfortunately, this makes keeping your car in peak condition incredibly difficult. Even if you manage to keep an eye on your tyres, the road will … Read more

Garages Near Me Pontypool

Garages in Pontypool Discussed by Autocentres Visiting a car garage can be a stressful occasion for some as nasty and costly surprises may be discovered when your car is inspected. When visiting a garage, you will also want to find a trusted garage that offers fair prices for their services. Autocentres started with just one … Read more