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Your exhaust has to function correctly to ensure that the harmful gases from your engine aren’t getting passed into the air that you are breathing. A broken exhaust can also create excessive amount of noise too which can be annoying and dangerous to yourself and those around you.

We examine exhausts for:

  • Condition check
  • Catalytic conversion check
  • Emissions check
  • Exhaust replacement

Easy to spot Exhaust Issues

Your exhaust also helps your car to be as fuel efficient as possible, and must meet government standards for emissions otherwise this will fail your car MOT. There are many points that could mean a MOT failure for your vehicle, the most common are:

  • Loose or rusting brackets – if you hear your exhaust rattling or hitting something under your car, the bracket holding it up make have become loose or even fallen off completely
  • Hissing or unusual noises – This could be your silencer has corroded or there is a blockage somewhere

Our highly trained and experience mechanics can test each of these points for you and replace damaged exhausts with the right one for your vehicle at one of our garages in Neport, Cwmbran, Pontypool or Pontymister. Get in touch with our team of engineers for more information about emissions and car exhaust problems.

Autocentres Exhausts

Call us for exhaust replacement advice or to book an emissions check on:

Newport: 01633 244 474
Cwmbran: 01633 872 001
Pontypool 01495 239 953