Signs that Your Car Tyres Need Replacing

When we are practising to drive, many instructors state the importance of checking your tyre conditions regularly as it’s so important but, when was the last time you checked your tyres?  Many people forget the importance of having road-worthy tyres

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What is Tyre Speed Rating?

A Comprehensive Tyre Speed Rating Guide Road safety is always at the forefront of every driver. Whether you’re a daily commuter to work, just using your car for a school run or are a delivery driver, who needs to ensure

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Everything You Need to Know About Cracked Tyres

Let’s face it, the world is full of potholes. From tiny craters to huge caverns, no road is immune. Unpredictable road conditions are a fact of life for all drivers. Unfortunately, this makes keeping your car in peak condition incredibly

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Budget vs Premium Tyres

Purchasing Tyres From a Car Garage

For some, purchasing and organising replacement tyres can seem to be a difficult or stressful process but this shouldn’t be the case! This is why purchasing tyres from a reputable car garage is a fantastic way to find a wide

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range of car tyres

Tyre Checks & Tyre Testing

Tyre checks are extremely important as your tyres are the only thing separating you from the road. Although some motorists find tyre checks to be daunting and difficult – once you get the hang of them this can become a

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Getting on Top of Vehicle Maintenance in 2022

For many, the New Year marks certain lifestyle changes, commitments to healthier lifestyles over the year or other commitments. However, it’s also a great time to get on top of those regular tasks that you may have not been completely

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mot test sheet being filled out

Finding a Reputable MOT Centre

Arranging for your MOT should be a stress-free process however some motorists find arranging for their MOT test unnecessarily stressful. The MOT testing process is standardised across testing centres therefore it’s of the utmost importance to find a reputable MOT

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new tyre 245/45 r18

Dangerous Tyres – The Risks

There are some staggering statistics and facts about motorists in terms of tyre checks, tyres and worn tyres that are on the road. We hope that from the various articles that we have written in the past – you are

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