Car Batteries Cwmbran

Checking Car Batteries in Cwmbran Discussed by Autocentres

Car Batteries Cwmbran

One of the biggest fears for motorists when they get in the car in the morning is that their car won’t start. Although this could be due to a range of issues, your car battery is responsible for a wide range of functions in your car including the very important job of starting the engine.

With cars becoming more and more modern, the complex systems that run your car put more and more pressure on your car battery. Although older cars put less strain on the car battery, it’s important to bear in mind that newer cars will put your battery through its paces more quickly so you’ll need to consider checking your battery sooner than with older vehicles.

At Autocentres, we offer a range of car battery services such as checking your car battery, selling your battery if you are looking for a replacement and replacing your car battery. We take great care in disposing of your old battery in an environmentally-responsible way. We can also help you select the right car battery and advise you on fitting your battery if you want to do this yourself. In this article, we will discuss the importance of arranging for a battery check and replacing a battery if you need to find a replacement. If you are looking for car batteries in Cwmbran or car batteries ‘near me’ in Cwmbran then enquire with Autocentres using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team now on: 01633 872 001

Importance of Checking Your Car Battery

The general rule of thumb is that a car battery should last for up to five years. However as we discussed, there’s variables that affect the life of your battery such as more advanced computer systems. There’s also certain situations in which you will put extra strains on your battery such as in the winter where you will be utilising lighting and other systems that are powered by your battery.  The cold weather can also take its toll on your battery which makes battery checks after the winter or during the winter months that much more important. if you are living in constant fear that your car won’t start or you are having issues then it’s probably time to consider having your battery replaced or checked.

How Often is Advised to Check Your Battery?

Again there’s no right or wrong answer but it is recommended that you should aim to check your car battery at least two times year. Your battery is also usually tested during servicing and is tested as part of your annual MOT test. Your car battery may have an indicator on it or you may be able to purchase a multimeter to check the charge of your battery. If you are in doubt about the charge of your battery then it’s highly recommended to visit our garage in Cwmbran. We will be able to carry out all of the checks on your battery as well as suggest the ideal replacement battery should you need a replacement. We sell Yuasa batteries, offering you a selection to suit your vehicle. These range from the three star Professional Performance to the five star AGM Ultimate Performance. We can talk you through your choice at any of our Autocentres garages.

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Car Battery Check Cwmbran

We have many years of experience offering a wide range of services including providing our clients with car batteries and car battery checks. We can check whether your car battery requires charging or a replacement and can advise you on the ideal replacement should you need this. Our service for batteries includes:

  • Battery Testing
  • New Battery Sales
  • Battery Fitting
  • Vehicle Charging System Checks

We offer a comprehensive battery check and replacement service that is highly competitive and we are fully transparent with everything involved with your car battery. We also offer a variety of additional car services which ensures that we can help you with all things related to your vehicle. If you are concerned about your battery, want more information on carrying out battery checks or wish for us to take a look at your battery then enquire with Autocentres today. You can enquire with our friendly team of professionals using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team directly now on:01633 872 001

Autocentres are all about friendly and helpful vehicle services!

Autocentres are all about friendly and helpful vehicle services!

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