Budget Vs. Premium Tyres

Budget Tyres Vs. Premium Tyres – What Is the Difference?


Budget Vs. Premium Tyres


One of the biggest questions on motorists’ minds when looking for new tyres is – “what is the difference between budget and premium tyres?” Although premium tyres are often branded as the better alternative – this is not necessarily the case. The fact that budget tyres are called budget tyres definitely does not imply that the tyres are low quality. There are some exceptionally good manufacturers of tyres including Nexen which is one of our preferred manufacturers. 

This article will dispel some of the myths that surround budget tyres as well as premium tyes and discuss how you can save money by choosing budget tyres from reputable manufacturers. We are more than happy to help you find the tyres that are right for you. We are one of the leading suppliers of Tyres in Newport – so get in touch today if you are looking for tyres or want to find out more about replacing your current tyres. You can get in touch using an online contact form on our website or telephone our team now.


What is the Concern With Budget Tyres?


So there is a lot of information that is spread online about budget tyres that is simply not correct or massively exaggerated. Budget tyres created by reputable manufactures are a great solution when compared to premium tyres if you are looking to save money. Although there are horror stories online about supposed ‘budget tyres’ being defective and not working correctly – this is usually due to the fact that the tyres are second hand, not of great quality or have been repaired illegally. It’s highly important to purchase tyres from a reputable tyre dealer and not to be too tight on price. Tyres are highly important and are the only thing that separates you from the road.


Top Tip – Always Check Tyres Before Purchasing Them


As mentioned – you don’t want to risk it with your tyres. There are plenty of affordable tyres in the ‘budget’ bracket that are of the highest quality and allow you to save some cash on your new set of tyres. As with our other articles discussing tyres – it’s highly recommended to replace tyres in pairs on the axle to ensure that both new tyres wear down equally. It’s key to carry out a check of the tyres that are being installed but if you install with a reputable garage such as ourselves – there’s nothing that you need to worry about.


What’s the Hype About Premium Tyres?


Premium tyres are often coined as having higher resistances to tear over longer distances as well as increased fuel economy. But for some of the premium ranges – the cost that premium tyre manufactures charge for their tyres do not justify the longevity of the tyres. This is why you don’t have to spend premium prices for tyres from certain manufacturers.


Nexen Tyres – Longevity Without the Hefty Price Tag


Nexen Budget Tyres



Nexen tyres have been well established in the tyre marketplace for decades. They have developed a great reputation as a reputable manufacturer of tyres in the ‘budget bracket’ where you don’t need to sacrifice quality for great prices. We have offered Nexen tyres for our clients for many years and highly recommend this manufacturer. There are a huge range of other manufacturers out there that are ideally suited to a wide range of budgets without having to put yourself or your family at risk from secondhand or damaged tyres.


If you are interested in finding out more about budget tyres or the benefits of these types of tyres – do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We are more than happy to help you find the ideal tyres for you and we offer high-quality tyres in Newport and tyres in Cwmbran

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