Budget vs Premium Tyres – The Debate!


In this article, we explore tyre choices in the UK, looking at whether budget tyres or premium tyres is the right choices for you and your vehicle, as in some cases the cost difference can be enormous. We will try to differentiate between which tyre is best for which situation, and also discuss how your driving style and vehicle usage will impact the choice. We hope you enjoy reading about the difference between budget tyres and premium cost tyres.


Initially, there are many more types of tyres available in the UK today than you might think. There are budget and premium tyres specifically for Winter as there are for Summer, tyres for increased fuel economy, budget or premium tyre choices for sports performance, a selection of tyres for comfort, long-lasting tyres, safe tyres, off-road tyre options the list goes on and on so the very first thing you would need to look at in answer to the question of should I pick a budget or a premium-priced tyre? Is what are you hoping to get from that tyre? How do you drive? How far do you drive? What make and model of vehicle do you have? It’s vital to know these things to make the right choice.

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Do You Really Need to Spend on Premium Tyres?


Starting with premium tyres, shall we? Most manufacturers will put at least a premium brand name and very often a premium-priced tyre of the cars when they sell them from new. There are many reasons for this such as the deals they have with the tyre companies who want to be associated with their brand of car. When a new car is developed it can be in conjunction with a particular tyre to get what the manufacturer deems to be the best all-round performance to complement the vehicle and let’s face it if you are a car manufacturer selling a million cars a year then that’s a lot of tyres the tyre manufacture will be supplied so you can imagine the cost difference between a budget tyre and a premium tyre when they are ordering 4 million of them, can be very small.


That’s not the case though when you go to change your tyres for the first time or have to purchase a new one should you be unfortunate enough to get a puncture. The advice for all tyre dealers if you have only one tyre to repair and the remaining three are all relatively new is to go for the same make and model of tyre you have currently. Over 30 people each year in the UK are killed on our roads due to illegal or damaged tyres so you can see the importance to have your tires in good, optimum condition before you venture onto the road.


Budget Tyres are Safe and Often Comparable to Their Premium Counterparts


So, how do budget tyres compare to their branded counterparts? In 2017 alone the RAC had to deal with over 350,000 tyre-related issues in the UK, that’s a lot of replacement tyres needed and most of these would have led to a new replacement tyre being ordered before it was necessary to change due to wear and tear. Most tyre dealers offer budget tyres from under £40 each, run-flats from under £50, but premium tyres start at over £80 each which you must question if it’s worth it if indeed all you do is drive sensibly around town, doing a few thousand miles a year. A couple of punctures over a few years and you will have spent double your tyre budget than you need to on premium tyres.


All tyres are quality checked and pass rigorous requirements before they are even manufactured and then sold, so from a safety standards point of view it’s no issue in choosing a budget tyre over a premium tyre. For the vast majority of road users in the UK, that travel under 10,000 miles a year, budget tyres are totally acceptable and will save you money.


In fact, there are a large range of options when it comes to budget tyres, size and styles are all catered to, giving drivers the same freedom of preference when selecting a cheaper alternative for their vehicle. Additionally, due to the economical nature of budget rubber, there is a lot less concern for any cosmetic damage they may incur, like you curbing your tyres.

The Costs of Tyres vs Distance Travelled


Budget Tyres Better than Premium


The UK has also seen a drop in the average amount of mileage that a car would drive in a year, in 2019 the average distance travelled in a year had reduced down to 7400 miles, a decrease from 2002, where we travelled 9200 miles, of 20%. A combination of increased traffic on the roads, more car availability per head of the population, and better public transport links plus cheaper air travel from more airport hubs has contributed to this.


The average price of a new car in the UK has risen 38% over the last 10 years going up to £33,559 a couple of years back which means that the average price of a high-performance car, over 350 brake horsepower, has risen to nearly £55,200 and accounts for just over 5% of the total cars sold in the UK. These cars would no doubt benefit from having premium tyres as you are driving a premium product and as a running cost percentage you will find the difference in price between a budget and a premium tyre to be much lower. Much similar to added premium unleaded to a sports performance petrol car, you can and will notice the difference.


A really good analogy when considering if you need a budget or premium tyres is to look at air travel. A plane travelling to New York will offer you a few varieties of the seat and vastly different costs and depending on your budget and the experience you would like you can pay anywhere up to 20 times that of an economy passenger. The plane still arrives in New York safely and you all arrive at the same time though so although you may get a slightly different experience you still get the same outcome from your economy seat than that of the business or first-class passenger.


How many miles do budget tyres last?

In order for us to provide you with an accurate estimation, kindly share the specific brand and model of tyre. Factors like road conditions and maintenance influence tire lifespan, learn more about tyre deterioration in our tyre cracking article. Reach out to us, and we’ll give you expert advice on their longevity and performance.

Are budget tyres dangerous?

All tyres are regulated by certain safety standards, the performance of a tyre varies based on brand, model and driving conditions. This is why it’s vital to speak to an expert that can guide you in the right direction. In general, discount tyres are safe for those with normal driving habits, that are travelling short distances like in the city for example. However, in a more demanding environment a vehicle may require specialist tyres to enhance performance, handling and most important of all safety in heavy rain, snow or top speed driving.  Budget tyres may not offer the same level of grip, traction or handling that premium can provide.

Thanks very much for reading about whether to choose a budget tyre or a premium tyre, we would say that if you are an average motorist in an average car doing average things then budget tyres will do the job just fine. To find the best tyres on the market – speak to our team of experts today. We offer high-quality tyres in Cwmbran and tyres in Newport.

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