When Is a Mechanic Required?

When Is A Fully Trained Mechanic Needed And Why Should You Visit A Mechanic?


A trip to the local auto centre to have a mechanic check out your car and to carry out the necessary repair and maintenance can sometimes feel like a daunting task for many people. People often push visiting a trained mechanic to the back of their to-do list because they think it will be costly and an inconvenience to them. However, ignoring those unusual noises or perhaps those strange new smells can end up costing you much more further down the line, so we strongly advise that at the first sign of trouble you should visit your local mechanic. 


Whilst some car maintenance can be done by yourself, such as replacing your coolant, checking the tyre pressure, replacing windscreen wipers or headlights, some jobs are much more complex which will require a specialist. At the end of the day, having a specialist mechanic who knows what they are doing will not only give you peace of mind, but it could prevent a major accident from occurring when out on the road which is always a risk when you ignore those early warning signs.


So when is a fully trained mechanic needed? In our experience, If you have any doubts at all or feel unconfident with taking on repairs yourself it is always best to bite the bullet and visit your local garage to ensure that your car is taken care of by a team of specialists such as ours here at Autocentres. If you are looking for Tyres in Newport – get in touch now. The most common issues found with vehicles that will need a fully trained mechanic to intervene are listed below.


Dashboard Warning Light


Luckily most of today’s cars have a whole host of smart features that will measure and indicate when there is a problem with your car. The indicator lights that you will find on your dashboard are the engine warning light, the ABS light (anti-lock braking system), battery light or a TPMS light (tyre pressure monitoring system). If any of these lights come on, it’s a good idea to visit your local auto repair shop for a trained mechanic to run some diagnostics for your vehicle.


A service light may appear in some cars which is just a reminder that the next service is due. Whilst there’s no rush to visit to take your car into the local garage it’s always best to check your driver manual as this will tell you how often you should be having your car serviced.


Suspension & Steering Issues

Mechanic Advice

Steering issues can potentially be fatal if you are driving, as you are in less control of your car which places you at a much higher risk of a collision. This makes visiting a fully trained mechanic essential as soon as this issue occurs. Steering issues are often the signs that your suspension is damaged and needs to be looked at. 


If you start experiencing a rough and bumpy ride when driving this is an early sign that your suspension is starting to wear out. When your car starts pulling to the one side this is an indicator for possible faults which include; alignment issues, suspension problems, or uneven tyre pressures, all of which require an experienced mechanic. The bottom line is that suspension issues when left undiagnosed will start to damage the other parts of your vehicle, making a visit to your local auto repair shop a must.


Fluid Leaks


A rule of thumb is that really nothing should be leaking from your vehicle and if you find that there is a big puddle under your car this is a cause for concern and will warrant a visit to the garage. Common fluid leaks from your vehicle will be engine oil, transmission fluid, or coolant. One exception that isn’t so much a cause for concern is if the fluid is clear, which in most cases is just a sign of condensation from the aircon unit.


The most alarming fluid leak that is a real cause for concern is a leak of transmission fluid. You can identify if it’s transmission fluid by its distinct red colour. In these cases, we advise that you avoid driving as your car may not run properly which can put not only yourself in danger but put other people in danger too.


Strange Smells And Unusual Noises

Exhaust Issues

A new smell that has been lingering around in your car may be a sign that there are faults within your car. When you can smell an almost maple syrup type smell this is an indicator of an issue with the cooling system; AC or heater vents issue will usually be linked to mould growth which can be identified with a dirty laundry type smell; lastly, a burning type of smell can often mean that your clutch is worn.


Generally, as soon as you start to hear any unusual noises coming from your car whilst you are driving, you should aim to visit your local auto repair shop. The most common sounds that you will find are a grinding noise when using your breaks, which can mean your brake pads have worn, or a screechy whining noise from under the bonnet, which could mean your belts are loose or low transmission fluid.


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Autocentres are all about friendly and helpful vehicle services!

Autocentres are all about friendly and helpful vehicle services!

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