Autocentres Car Tracking


Tracking is basically wheel alignment. Every time you park too close to a kerb or hit a pothole, your wheel alignment is knocked out of place. Putting this right is very important to get a good lifespan out of your tyres and ensure your car drives smoothly. The additional wear on your tyres can also have an effect on how safe your car is to drive.

We check the direction and angle of your wheels against your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Where we see a significant disparity, we’ll adjust your wheels back to where they should be.

Things to remember about wheel alignment:

  • Some wheel misalignment is unavoidable due to road conditions
  • Problems may be undetectable to you, so it’s worth having the check
  • Keeping an eye on uneven tyre wear could tell you when you need a realignment
  • Having regular tracking checks could reduce wear on your suspension and tyres
Autocentres Car Tracking

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