MOT Cwmbran

Needing an MOT Cwmbran? Come to Autocentres Cwmbran for your next MOT.

Here at Autocentres Cwmbran, we can MOT your car while you wait in our pleasant reception area. As it can take up to an hour to MOT your car, you may prefer to drop it off with us and go about your daily business, picking up your car with it’s new MOT Cwmbran later in the day.

To book your car in to Autocentres for it’s next MOT call the Cwmbran depot on 01633 872 001 to speak to a member of staff.

MOT Cwmbran

What Autocentres will do for you is:

  • Your car will be checked to the MOT standards set by DVSA by a fully qualified MOT Tester.
  • As long as your car meets all the criteria of the MOT test, we will issue you with the certificate and the pass details are entered onto the DVSA database.
  • If your car fails to meet the MOT standards, we will phone you to explain where your car failed to meet the MOT standard and give you a quote for the repairs, leaving you to decide if you would like Autocentres to complete this MOT work for you.
  • If you ask us to do the MOT required work, we will complete it and the MOT pass details will be entered onto the DVSA database and we will issue you with the pass certificate when you collect your car and pay your bill.
  • If you do not want Autocentres to complete the MOT Cwmbran work, we will issue you with a fail certificate and the MOT fail details will be entered onto the DVSA database. After you have done the work to your car, you can bring it back to Autocentres Cwmbran for a retest. This retest may be free, but it depends on the work required, and the length of time between the MOT and retest.
  • Additionally, the MOT Cwmbran Test may result in advisories. These are things that pass the test today, but will need attention probably before your next MOT is due. Here at Autocentres, we will advise you of anything that falls into this category, and can price the work for you. It could be something like a tyre conforming to the legal limit of 1.6mm of tread, which may only have a few hundred miles of driving left on it.

If your car is due it’s first or next MOT, give the staff at Autocentres a call to book it in on 01633 872 001

It is important however that your car is always road legal, and lights, fluid levels, tyres etc should be checked regularly.

Here at Autocentres, we also offer Servicing and many free checks with charges only if your car needs the work. The Services we provide are at three levels

  • Bronze Service
  • Silver Service
  • Gold Service

Whilst some of our free checks are:

  • Free winter check, though if you are travelling any distance, we will carry out the same checks in the summer for you
  • Free Brake check
  • Free Tracking check
  • Free tyre check
  • Free Battery check

Don’t wait until your MOT is due, get your car checked regularly to ensure you are road legal and your car is safe to drive.

Autocentres Cwmbran is ready to take your call, but we have 3 more depots in the surrounding area and all are MOT centres.

For an MOT at Autocentres Newport phone 01633 244 474

For an MOT at Autocentres Pontymister phone 01633 614600

For an MOT at Autocentres Pontypool phone 01495 239 953

Autocentres are all about friendly and helpful vehicle services!

Autocentres are all about friendly and helpful vehicle services!

If you need some advice, please call us