Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Car

We Take a Look At Driving Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Car

Common Mistakes That Can Damage Your Car

Let’s face it, there are a lot of myths surrounding driving and looking after your vehicle. With all of the information (and potential misinformation), that’s available to access online – it can be confusing to find the right information about keeping your car in top condition. We have written a number of blog posts on tips to keep your car in tip-top condition but what about the driving habits that could be causing damage to your car?


You may or may not know that there are a number of things that you may be doing when on the road that could be causing damage to your vehicle or affecting your fuel economy and efficiency of your car. Hopefully, this article can give you some tips and point you in the right direction to ensure that you can look after your car and maybe change some habits that you didn’t know could be causing damage to your car.


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Ignoring Car Maintenance Tasks


Car maintenance is a topic that we have covered a lot in our blog posts but ignoring a regular maintenance schedule can cause a huge amount of issues with your car. It can be highly frustrating if you break down or have a problem on the road and some but not all of these issues can actually be avoided by carrying out routine checks. Checks such as checking tyre pressure regularly, checking for embedded objects in tyres and checking engine oil levels & coolant are all checks that can be carried out at home when off the road and can keep you on-top of your car.


Excessive Acceleration & Braking Can Incur Costs


We’ve all experienced being behind schedule and having to make up time at some point but excessive acceleration and braking can cause a range of issues from increased fuel consumption to wear and tear of your brake pads. If you want to extend the lifespan on your car – smoother driving with controlled braking is a good way to increase fuel economy and reduce the amount of work that your brake pads have to go through which can cause them to become worn down.


Not Following Warning Lights or Fuel Warning Lights

Protecting Your Car

It’s important that you understand the various warning lights that may appear on your dashboard as there are some warning lights that are more serious than others. Your vehicle handbook or manual will have a section that let you know what each warning light means and it’s highly recommended that you take a look at the more serious warnings.

Some motorists like to leave it until their fuel warning lights come on before looking for fuel. This can be risky because of the fact that you may run out of fuel and be stranded on the road. Driving with low fuel levels can also cause your fuel pump to wear out earlier because of the fact that the motor will suck in air. 


Some of the above may apply to you and some may not. Some habits, however, are worth getting into and can help you keep your car on the road for longer, save you money on repairs that could be avoidable and ensures that you are confident with your vehicle while you are on the road. If you want to find out more about maintaining your vehicle or want us to carry out a check of your vehicle if you are in the area, get in touch with our team of experts today.

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Autocentres are all about friendly and helpful vehicle services!

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