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One of the questions that vehicle owners often ask themselves is, “is it time to change my tyres?” Your tyres play a vital role in the way that your vehicle operates on the road and are the only thing that separates your vehicle from the road. Although you may be unsure as to when you need to replace your tyres, there’s a variety of checks and measures that you can make to check when your tyres may need a replacement.

If you are thinking about purchasing new tyres then why not consider our range of budget tyres in Cwmbran? These economical tyres are very high-quality, allowing you to install fantastic rubber at cheap wallet-friendly prices. In this article, we will discuss checking your tyres and when it’s generally time to consider switching your tyres as well as discuss our range of budget tyres. If you are looking for budget tyres in Cwmbran or tyre fitters in Cwmbran then enquire with Autocentres using an online contact form on our website or telephone our friendly team now on: 01633 872 001


When is it Time for New Tyres?


A commonly asked question when carrying out your regular vehicle maintenance is “when is it time for new tyres?” When buying new tyres, you will likely be using them for as long as possible but will want some idea of when it may be time for an upgrade or replacement. It’s quite difficult to calculate exactly when one may need a replacement but there are a number of ways in which inspection of your tyres may tell you that it’s time to consider their replacement. Some common rules on knowing when to replace tyres may include major factors such as your personal preference, driving requirements, the tyre age, tyre tread depth and the technical condition of the tyres.


What are budget tyres?


Budget tyres are a brilliant choice if you have limited money to spend. Just because these tyres are cheaper in price, doesn’t mean there is less quality or safety involved in their use. They are created to the same safety standards as other tyres, and as a result they are reliable alternatives. However, when compared to premium tyres, there will be some compromises to be made. Budget tyres are a great solution for young drivers, although that are working within a budget and looking for a bargain.


Technical Condition Analysis of your Tyres


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The smooth operation of your car depends vitally on the technical condition of your tyres. Before checking factors such as the age and tread depth of your tyres, you can carry out a range of technical checks to ensure that your tyres are in a safe technical condition. You also have legal requirements for the condition of your tyres with failure to maintain your tyres leading to a potential £2,500 fine per tyre and 3 points for each illegal tyre. Extreme cases have been known to lead to disqualification from driving. To stay within the law, one must make sure that tyres are:


  • Of the correct shapes and sizes for your vehicle.
  • Of a minimum tread depths of 1.6mm.
  • Inflated to their recommended tyre pressures.

Visual checks can be carried out to check that there isn’t any minor or major damage to your tyres. This includes checking for cuts, punctures, tears or bulges. Check over your tyres for stones and nails that may have become embedded in your tyres and check over the side wall for tyre damage.


Checking Your Tyre Pressure


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Your recommended tyre pressure is usually found around the fuel cap of your vehicle, displayed by a medium-sized infographic. Some of these infographics will also show the recommended tyre pressures when different loads and number of passengers are onboard. To measure the tyre pressure of your tyres, you can use your own personal pressure gauge or visit a petrol station as these usually have a free pressure gauge. They also supply air pumps that you can pay to use to top up your tyre pressure.


Bear in mind however that it’s best to check tyre pressure when tyres are cool. This will give you the most accurate measurement of tyre pressure, as you will usually have to add a few PSIs to tyres that are hot.


What to Think About When Choosing Your Replacement Tyres


Due to the fact that your tyres will need to be the correct shape and size for your vehicle, it can be a great idea to choose tyres that are similar to the original manufacturer installed or recommended tyres for your vehicle. For optimal tracking and to be able to have the peace of mind that all tyres start at the same condition, it’s highly recommended to replace all 4 tyres. At the absolute minimum, replace both tyres that are on the same axle (i.e if the back right tyre needs replacement, also replace the back left tyre.) For optimal traction and stability, replace the rear wheels as opposed to the front two tyres.


You can fit tyres with different speed ratings, but this is not recommended. If you do fit tyres with different speed ratings, then ensure that they are installed in pairs on the same axle. If you are in doubt about the ideal tyres, then it’s highly important to check your vehicle owner’s manual as well as following strictly to the manufacturer’s replacement tyre recommendations. A change in tyre size or type can alter the handling of your vehicle significantly. Never mix radial and non-radial tyres. If you are forced to do this, then ensure that you never mix them on the same axle. If a radial and non-radial tyre need to be placed on the same axle, ensure that the two radials are fitted onto the rear axle with the non-radials being fitted onto the front axle.


What Age is Too Old For My Tyres?


You will be likely wanting your tyres to last for as long as possible before the need to replace them. It’s important though to bear in mind that damaged tyres will require a replacement, and worn tyres will always be less effective on the road than tyres that are brand new. After five years, it’s recommended to thoroughly inspect your tyres once per year. Replace the original tyres if you need to do this or if you feel that it’s time for an upgrade. After 10 years, it’s generally recommended to replace the tyres, regardless of condition or wear. This is because they may become much more vulnerable to damage, and you do not want to risk you and your passengers’ safety on the road.


Are Budget Tyres any Good?


Absolutely! Budget tyres are great for drivers on a tight budget. However, value tyres are designed to meet safety standards, so you will not compromise on safety or your car’s performance with them on. Cheaper tyres are a good choice, while they may not offer the same level of performance, traction or last as long as a premium alternative. They are an option for those that are not wanting to spend a large amount of money on new tyres without sacrificing safety or quality.


Are Budget Tyres Safe?


Yes, low-cost tyres are safe. They are subject to testing by us at Autocentres to guarantee they meet specific safety regulations – there is no way we would willingly put any of our customers in danger! Budget tyres may not match the same features that a high-end tyre option has. However, a bargain tyre still has the ability to keep you and your passengers safe whilst driving.


How Long Do Budget Tyres Last?


Budget tyres offer great return on their cost. They can last anywhere from 20,000 miles to 40,000 miles. This is why they are a great choice for those that are working within a budget. You can further extend the life of your tyres by driving responsibly. We, at Autocentres, think it’s essential for drivers to look after their car tyres, this includes getting them inflated to the right levels and maintaining tyre care if you don’t know how to look after your tyres we’ve written a guide to help you.


Are Budget Tyres a False Economy?


Definitely not. We, at Autocentres, believe that bargain tyres are a wise investment because they respect your wallet without compromise. If you are a student, first driver, or a parent, then your money may need to go to other obligations. If you are using your car daily for commutes or local trips, then budget tyres are a great choice because they offer value. You will get the performance you need without having to pay a pretty penny. The idea of value tyres being a false economy is absurd. Budget tyres are a smart choice for those trying to save money.


What Budget Tyres Are the Best?

There are a range of different tyre brands that you can choose from auto centres full stop the best tyre for you will depend on your driving needs and the conditions of which are usually drive in. Here are the most popular tyre brands we sell:


  • Nexen
    Originally from South Korea this tyre brands gained popularity in the UK mainly due to the sponsorship of Manchester City Football Club.  Nexen are known for their durable rubber stratified silicate nanocomposite tyres.
  • Dunlop
    A favourite among budget tyre brands in the UK will stop they offer a range of tyre Rushes start as summer, winter, all-season tires that are available for cars SUVs, 4x4s and even light trucks.
  • Pirelli
    An Italian tyre company that are known as one of the top tyre brands across the world stop they offer winter tires that provide grip and strong traction on both dry and wet roads these tyres are known for reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
  • Michelin
    A renowned global tyre brand that has been around for over 130 years.  Also famous for their restaurant guide, they are known for their commitment to safety and fuel efficiency.


Are Budget Tyres Bad?


Discount tyres are not an inherently bad thing. They are created to offer an option to those that have a restricted amount of money to spending on tyres. They are brilliant if you drive short distances every day or just drive locally to work, for example. However, when compared to a previous tyre they’re performing capability may not match the quality of the premium tyre however if you’re not doing extreme distances with your car, then it’s a sacrifice that you won’t miss.




Yes that’s correct, come on low quality tyres can cause vibrations whilst driving. But first we need to understand why vibration is a problem and why it’s arises.


  • Imbalance tyres: cheap tires May result in an imbalance of the tyres weight distribution., How much can lead to vibrations especially at higher speeds
  • Tread design: the tread pattern on a cheap attire may not be as refined as a premium tyre. This does affect how the road is gripped by the tyre, it can lead to vibrations, especially in poor weather.
  • Age of the tyre: some low-Cost tyres may have been a storage for a long time before their purchace. Older tires can develop black spots and have structural issues that can result in vibrations.

Fitting Budget Tyres in Cwmbran




Bargain tyres and offers are the perfect way to replace your tyres with high-quality tyres at excellent prices. We stock a wide range of Nexen tyres to ensure that you can fully replace all of your tyres. We also offer free tyre check, which allows us to assess the suitability and condition of your tyres if you are unsure about their current condition. Our highly qualified mechanics are more than happy to help you with all of your tyre enquiries. Our budget tyres are the perfect tyres to replace your current tyres, and we can also advise you on carrying out tyre checks as well as on the types of tyres that will be ideally suited for your vehicle.

Should you be considering replacing your tyres or want to have a free tyre check carried out, then visit Autocentres in Cwmbran today. We have a wide range of excellent tyre bargains in stock and can help you with all your tyre needs.

Enquire online using an online contact form on our website or telephone our friendly mechanics today on: 01633 872 001

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Autocentres are all about friendly and helpful vehicle services!

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